Mexico City and Home

As I write this I am on my final flight home from Mexico City to Washington,DC. It has been a great trip but I’m happy to be headed home.
Yesterday was basically a travel day. I caught a 10am bus from Puerto Barrios which got into Guatemala City about 3:30. I walked for an hour or so around the neighborhood of the hotel to get some exercise. The sunset from my hotel balcony was beautiful, but it was early to bed since I had to be up at 3:30am this morning to catch the 4am shuttle to the airport. The flight to Mexico City was on time and customs in Mexico was very quick so I decided to go downtown again rather than spend 6 hours at the airport.
Today I went to the Museo National de Antropolgia, (National Museum of Anthropology.) It was fantastic. The exhibits were superbly displayed with good English explanations. This is a world class museum with significant displays on the Aztecs, Mayans, Oltecs and other indigenous civilizations. Even my quick run through was amazing. I only wish I had more time.
Oh, and one minor rant on the day. I went to the ATM and took out 500 pesos, which might sound like a lot of money, but is actually only about $40. I went to store my bag in a locker. The price was 130 pesos or about $10. They couldn’t change my 500 peso note. I tried to by water or a snack in three different places before I was able to find someone willing to change that large of a note.












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