“Una cerveza mas,” I told the waiter. It was raining and I saw no reason to hurry so why not have one more beer. Besides I was thoroughly enjoying my day in Livingston despite the weather, the music was upbeat yet relaxing and the food was excellent so why not linger over lunch. I can see why Hemingway liked these out of the way places. I thought to myself that maybe this is how Key West or Havana felt 80 years ago – both relaxed and vibrant at the same time.
… when I got up this morning I had hoped to take part in an excursion from the hotel, but it seems that I am about the only guest and nothing was on. Not to be deterred I grabbed a taxi into town and took a boat over to the little town of Livingston. It is an end of the world place only accessible by boat. The ride was wet and a little cold but well worth it as I immediately took to Livingston. I walked up the main street and found a great little place called Rio Tropicales for breakfast where I had a fantastic crepe, coffee con leche, and an orange juice and watched the comings and goings on main street. Afterward I walked through town, exploring the shops and then went down and walked along the shore for about an hour through the houses of the local Garafinu community.
Returning to town I stumbled upon Rasta Mesa, a very unique enterprise trying to promote the local Garafinu culture. I chatted with the owner for awhile and he told me one of the things they did was give drum lessons. Next thing you know he is spending over an hour with me teaching me some of the local rhythms, not an easy task for this rhythm challenged white boy. I tried my best and Eduardo was patient. We laughed a lot and I had a great time.
… and so I found myself having lunch at “Happy Fish” enjoying the food, the music and a couple of beers with the rhythm of the drumming still in my head. – Life doesn’t get much better than this!
I returned to Puerto Barrios early enough to explore the market and have a coffee at Kaffa, an upscale coffee house, before returning to the hotel for a shower and dinner.


















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