On Sunday Scott and I visited the Mayan ruins of Tikal in northern Guatemala. The day started with the alarm at 4:30 am, a quick shower and we were downstairs in time to catch a 5am shuttle to the airport. Amazingly there was no security check. They simply weighed our carry ons and checked our tickets. The 6:30 flight to Flores was completely full with 33 passengers.
We caught a bus from Flores to Tikal, stopping briefly to take on some more passengers. After about 90 minutes we arrived in Tikal. From the parking lot it was about a 25 minute walk through the jungle to the main site. The main plaza was filed by two pyramids and several other buildings. We were able to climb to the top of Temple II which gave us great views of the main plaza and Temple I. Afterward we were able to climb and explore several of the nearby buildings.
The buildings surrounding the main plaza is only one of numerous complexes at Tikal. So far archaeologists have identified over 4000 buildings with only a small fraction having been excavated.
We visited a couple of other complexes and were able to climb Temple IV, the tallest structure in Tikal. From the top we had a view of three other temples sticking out of the jungle canopy like ships on a green ocean.
We had a great lunch at Tikal and saw their small but interesting museum before heading back to the bus and the airport, finally arriving back in Guatemala City about 8:30pm.









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