Watching an erupting volcano

Yesterday we climbed the volcano Pacaya and watched from its slopes as it spewed hot lava into the air!

My brother, Scott, arrived in Guatemala late Thursday night. We took a cab to our hotel in Antigua about 30 miles away and arrived just after midnight. The bar had just closed but they were nice enough to re-open it so we could share a drink together. We spent Friday morning wandering around Antigua. We saw the tomb of Saint Pedro and visited the cathedral.
In the afternoon we joined a small group for an excursion to Pacaya Volcano. Pacaya is still active so we could only climb part way up. After a couple of hours we had a good view of the summit and watched as hot lava periodically erupted into the air. We were treated to an incredible sunset that included a view of three other nearby volcanos. As it started to get dark we could really see the Orange glow of the lava. The decent was a little hairy in the dark but we made it down safely. A great dinner followed by a little salsa music capped a great day.









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