Mexico City

Yesterday I was up at 5:30 and took a taxi to Dulles for my 9am flight to Mexico City. I arrived about 1:30 pm and since my flight to Guatemala wasn’t until almost 9pm I decided to go downtown. First I had to make my way through Immigration and customs which despite the long line went relatively quick. I paid about $10 to store my bag for the day and then spent about 15 minutes searching for the bus to Terminal 1 where the metro was located.
The metro was about what I expected. Nothing spectacular but cheap and efficient. Three lines and two changes brought me to the central historic district. First stop was the Cathedral on the main plaza. The plaza was all set up for the New Year’s celebration. Bleachers surrounded the entire space and it was obvious that a big party was in the making.
Nearby was Temple Mayor and its museum. The temple was once the center of the Aztec universe but was destroyed when the Spanish conquered Mexico. All that remains of the one great complex are the foundations but they were still impressive. The museum contained some incredible treasures from the Aztecs although I did little more than wander through and let the experience wash over me. I spent the next hour or two exploring first the market stalks northeast of the Temple Mayor and then the more upscale pedestrian mall east of the Cathedral. The Museo de Belles Artes was beautiful but I didn’t go in, but instead wandered through the Alameda, a very nice urban park before finally making my way back to the metro and the airport.
My flight was on time and Guatemala customs went fairly quick. I was at my hotel by 11

:30 and able to celebrate New Year’s in the bar.











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