Astorga to Foncebadon

We had a relatively restful sleep last night in the albergue. We shared a room with 12 other pilgrims. Luckily there were no major snorers. We got up this morning about 6:30 and were walking by 7:15. About 8:30 we made our first stop for cafe con leche and a slice of tortilla (warm potato pie).Yum!
In the morning we passed throght the small Maragato villages of San Catalina de Somoza and El Ganso where we stopped at the Cowboy Bar to split another tortilla and got some ice cream.
We got to Rabanal about 1:30 and thought about calling it a day, but after resting for half an hour we decided to push on to Foncebadon where we are spending the night.
The last few miles were all up hill as we climbed Mt Iago. We were two tired pellegrinos when we staggered into town. The albergues in town were full so Casey and I are sharing a regular motel room. It is a bit more money but we get a room to ourselves and a great shower so no complaints. Amazingly though, neither of us could figure out how to turn on the shower and had to ask for help. I’m not sure if that is a comment on how tired we were or how stupid we are.










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