Camino part 7

My last day on the Camino (for now) began in the town of Ages. For the most part Niels and I walked alone, though we did see several others in a bar a few kilometers into the walk. Appropriately the walk included a little of everything – sun, rain, mud, hills, beautiful vistas, quiet country roads, busy city streets. 18 of us went to dinner together in Burgos and it was a lot of fun. Burgos was definitely a milestone. Some were moving on, some were taking a rest day, and some, like me, were leaving. We took lots of pictures and said our goodbyes.
In the morning I had breakfast with my friends from Holland, Fred, Grietje and Eline, along with Neils. We saw the cathedral and then went to lunch where John from Australia joined us. Ultimately it was time to say my final goodbyes. I made one final stop at the post office to collect my excess baggage that I had mailed from Pamplona and it was off to the bus station for my bus to Madrid.


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