Camino part 5

Yesterday we walked fast in the morning to get to Santo Domingo by 1pm. My friend Neils had lost two friends in the past few days. Coincidentally both services happened to be yesterday at 1 pm and he wanted to be in church at the same time.
The morning flew by as I practiced my Spanish with Javi, a rice farmer from south of Barcelona. We arrived in Santo Domingo about 12:30 and after checking in at the Albergue went over to the church.
Afterwards we had a nice dinner and Neils talked about his friends. I was honored and moved to share the time with him.
Today was another rainy day walking near the freeway. Neils, John and I again walked together and passed the time talking about politics, movies and books. I was very happy to run into Tim, Giovanna, Helen and Yoev on several occasions. The group is fun and always brightens my day. John has joined them to walk on to Tosantos while Neils and I have decided to call it a day in Belorado.


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