Camino part 3

Pamplona was an interesting town and we spent Friday walking about and doing a little shopping. The cathedral was very interesting both in terms of its art and architecture, but also in that it had been built on the site of an old Roman fort. The Cathedral’s museum had interesting exhibits with artifacts from Roman times to the present. I had dinner with John, James, and Matthew. We went to a small place and ordered every tapas on the menu plus beer and wine. The total bill after 2.5 hours of eating and drinking was only €45.
John and I left Pamplona early on Saturday morning, well before first light. In the morning we met Neils, a retired airline pilot from Denmark who walked with us the rest of the day. Near the end we were also joined by Bec, a young woman from Australia. We got to Puenta La Reina just as it started to rain . I ran into James in town and we visited the farmers market together and then grabbed John and Bec for dinner. We had Paella, which was good, but not as good as Pamplona.
Sunday morning dawned with rain. Yuk. Bec started out with us but soon left us in the dust. We tried to find an open cafe for breakfast, but all was closed though we did find an open paneteria, (bread shop). With about 4 miles to go we ran into Giovanna from Italy and Helen from Korea and walked the rest of the way to Estella together. After arriving we had a quick shower and then John, Bec along with Janine from Canada, Machec from Brooklyn and Joav from Israel went out for Chinese.
This morning dawned cold but dry. John and I again started before dawn. We came across Neil’s after about 10k and walked together the rest of the day. Mid day we stopped for meatballs and beer. Yum. Joav was there. He had left his wallet at the albergue, but a local had called and someone drove it to him . Very lucky. He joined us and the four of us walked to Torres del Rio together.


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