Camino day 3 to Pamplona

John and I were on the road about 7:15 this morning for our 22k walk from Zubiri to Pamplona. About mid-day we made a detour to the small church of St Stephen on a hill overlooking the camino. The church is connected with a small convent and as we arrived a nun yelled down and greeted us and told us that she would come down and open the church. The woman, who I guess was about 70 was very nice and welcoming and told us about the history of the church, she the took us inside and let us look about. After a few moments she gave us a short paragraph on the camino and how it is a parable for life. It was not religious or preachy, but in fact very thoughtful and moving. She then offered for us to climb the bell tower not only to enjoy the view, but also to ring the bell, which we did with great enjoyment.
Entering Pamplona was very cool as we made our way over the Medieval bridge, through the ancient defence works and through the town gate into this town that is about 2000 years old. We have decided to stay here tomorrow and see the Cathedral, museums, etc. as the town has a lot to offer, and explore.


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