Camino days 1 and 2

The train arrived in St John Pied de Port about 8pm. I met James and Matt, two young men from Sydney, Australia. We found the pilgrim office together and were shown to a freezing cold cell with six bunks. James and Matt didn’t have sleeping bags so had a rough night. We started together, but I soon lagged behind and walked by myself for a while. I met John, another Aussie, on the trail and we walked together the rest of the day. The walk was incredible as we hiked over the Pyrennes, with views in all directions. Andrea, from Germany, joined us for the last 5k. The albergue in Roncesvalles was much nicer than the one in St Jean. After cleaning up I has dinner with John and Andrea.
Today I hiked from Rocenvalles to Zubiri with John. It was another beautiful day. The trio from Holland caught us in the first couple of ks and we walked with them at their super human pace for a while, blowing through the first town. James and Mathew caught up with us mid morning. Matt was having trouble with his shoes giving him blisters and we were very free with our worldly advice. he finally decided to try walking  in his flip flops flow a while. Andrea caught us soon after and passed us on her way to Larasoana. Not sure if we will see her again.
We stopped for a cafe con leche and a bite soon after and flagged down Sally (yet another Aussie) as she rode by us on her bike. Juaquin, Jesus and Ricardo from Barcelona joined us for a rest and then moved on ahead of us. John and I took our time and were in Zubiri about 2:30. I took a shower and then found James and Mathew by the river. They offered me a beer which led to two.
Had dinner with all the Aussies, (John, James, Matt and Sally) plus Lenard and Linda from Stockholm. Tony, another Aussie from Perth joined us as we wound up dinner.


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