DublinI arrived in Dublin yesterday afternoon. I decided to return the rental car as there is no need for it in the city. Finding the Hertz site downtown was not easy. My maps were horrible and signage in Dublin is atrocious (unless your on foot in which case it is very good.) I drove around trying to figure out what streets I was on for quite some time and was usually in the wrong lane to turn once I figured it out, but I eventually found it and was happy to be back on foot.
I am traveling lite- only a single back pack, so it was easy to walk the mile or so to the guest house. The room is small and smells a little funky, but it is cheap and right in the center of town. I dropped my bag off and headed over to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. The exhibits were well done and very interesting, but I was a little disappointed by the book itself. The book was small, poorly lit, and hard to see among the throng. I was much happier just walking about the city. First I headed north across the river. I walked up O’Connel Street and through the adjacent neighborhood, then back through the Temple Bar neighborhood and Grafton Street. I was amazed by the number of people and the energy level. It is a very interesting and exciting city.
This morning I started at the National Library, just to see the reading room. Next door, I spent a couple of hours at the National Museum. Most interesting were the Bog people- mumified remains found in peat bogs. I stuck my head into the National Gallery for a few minutes, but it was too nice a day to stay inside. I started walking east and didn’t stop until I was about a mile out into Dublin Harbor at the Poolbeg lighthouse which sits at the end of the great south wall.


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