The world is full of small connections. Ollantaytambo is no exception. I bought two books in preparation for our trip. One a guide book by Ruth Wright. The other a book on the engineering design of Machu Picchu by her husband Ken Wright.
Mike Klinke and I were looking at the water features of Ollantaytambo when we ran into a man laeding a team of students from UVA (my alma matter) who were doing a hydrological survey. The team was being led by none other than Ken Wright – and we were invited to meet him and his wife!

Jeff with Ken and Ruth Wright

Jeff with Ken and Ruth Wright

The next morning at breakfast, who walks in but Ken and Ruth. They had heard about the hotel having some old photographs they wanted to see. We were able to introduce them to the owner’s son whom we had gotten to know.
I of course took the opportunity to have Ruth and Ken sign my book.


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